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Rajan R S, Rajalaxmi T M, Stephen S, Shantrinal A A, Kumar K J. Embedding Wheel - like Networks. IJMSI 2023; 18 (2) :185-198
URL: http://ijmsi.ir/article-1-1601-en.html
One of the important features of an interconnection network is its ability to efficiently simulate programs or parallel algorithms written for other architectures. Such a simulation problem can be mathematically formulated as a graph embedding problem. In this paper we compute the lower bound for dilation and congestion of embedding onto wheel-like networks. Further, we compute the exact dilation of embedding wheellike networks into hypertrees, proving that the lower bound obtained is sharp. Again, we compute the exact congestion of embedding windmill graphs into circulant graphs, proving that the lower bound obtained is sharp. Further, we compute the exact wirelength of embedding wheels and fans into 1,2-fault hamiltonian graphs. Using this we estimate the exact wirelength of embedding wheels and fans into circulant graphs, generalized Petersen graphs, augmented cubes, crossed cubes, Möbius cubes, twisted cubes, twisted n-cubes, locally twisted cubes, generalized twisted cubes, odd-dimensional cube connected cycle, hierarchical cubic networks, alternating group graphs, arrangement graphs, 3-regular planer hamiltonian graphs, star graphs, generalised matching networks, fully connected cubic networks, tori and 1-fault traceable graphs.
Type of Study: Research paper | Subject: General

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