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Saadat F, Alizadeh H, Razavi S H. A Bioinformatics Analysis of Plant Caleosins. IJMSI 2023; 18 (2) :95-105
URL: http://ijmsi.ir/article-1-1546-en.html
Introducing oil bodies to the industry provided an impetus to know more about the constructive factors. Accordingly, the current article focused on the description of the plant seed caleosins involved in oil body formation. For this purpose, bioinformatics analysis was conducted to identify the putative caleosins. Then, the phylogenetic tree and conserved motifs were extracted from the sequences. Finally, a model sequence was created by WebLogo to indicate all features including secondary structure, post-translational modifications and physicochemical properties. According to the results, the N-terminal region of caleosins owned more length and negative charges. Although the net charge and length of domains have changed over evolutionary time, the members of Brassicaceae had been highly conserved even in the motif sequences. Considering the importance of these two factors in the construction of the oil body, natural selection has probably shaped more stable droplets for lipid storage. However, its confirmation requires more investigation.
Type of Study: Research paper | Subject: Special

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